13 March 2013

Loop Loop Loop

Working with string almost guarantees that you are going to arrive at a more efficient and overall superior way of working after you have made too much progress to come to a halt and start over. The ensuing situation, which may require one to employ wildly different tactics to arrive at the same destination, is personified by increased clarity and frustration. When I use string to make objects, I am relying on the whims of a medium that is defined not only by its physical properties but also by its nearly aqueous tendency to change and thus alter one's process. Seriously, "alchemical media" should be a recognized form of matter.

I consider string to be the basic element of constructed matter, just as Derrida considered the mark to be the basic literary unit, from which everything I make ramifies. A loop is a word, a series of stitches is a sentence, and so forth. Alternately, you can view the string itself as a cell, a series of loops as a system, and a small amount of yardage as tissue. Unlike tissue, however, this material lacks regenerative properties, although at times I almost expect it to, which is probably related to the fact that I'm often fabricating the likenesses of living creatures. Its existence relies on a process based entirely upon proliferation, energy that is put forth by my body. String is a medium defined by its application, and the relationship that it maintains with those who use it.

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