17 May 2012

Six Nights in the Hermit Kingdom

Here are some photos from my trip to Korea. I'm responding well to these particular images at the moment, but my reactions might not be so reliable since I just returned from close to a thirty-hour, almost entirely sleepless journey home. I probably shouldn't type anything else, lest I say something regrettable. 

So, here it is. Korea.

04 May 2012


I want to finish this gown before I go to Korea. I've been spending my nights sewing and listening to Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). Over and over. And over. There's a tiny hole in the tip of my middle finger, due to the constant pressing of needles through broadcloth.

Don't tell anyone, but this thing is part of a series of garments that were inspired by inane Yahoo news articles that I accidentally clicked on at some point in 2011, while trying to access my inbox.

I need to generously embellish the bustle and add more structure to the sleeves. Also, the underskirt is made of salvaged bits of old formal gowns; it would be really cool if some of that material could be visible. The dress probably weighs like six pounds. I swear it's going to rip itself apart of one these days, right on the hanger.

Gonna bleach the hell out of this bastard and dip it in shellac, I reckon. I need to draw up a detailed representation of what the finished installation will look like.