11 March 2014

C. Orexis

Oh right, I have a blog.

Things got pretty chaotic after I returned from Florida, with the holidays approaching and all. I'm going to try my best to slowly but surely account for the incidents that have transpired since then.

Just finished this piece for Desiderata, which opens at Gristle Tattoo in Brooklyn this May.

C. Orexis, 2014. Cotton string, glue; pinned to black velvet in a 15" x 12" x 2" frame.


14 November 2013


Ianuaria, 2013. Cotton string and glue, pinned to black velvet in a shadowbox frame.

Succumbing to the throbbing pangs of what has come to be know as the annual CFEVA Fellowship application backache. Ouch.

Took a day off, mostly to walk long distances. Back to work tomorrow. I'm currently working on three-dimensionally illustrated escort ads for the upcoming erotica issue of Quarter Moon, released by the nice dudes at Locust Moon comics in University City. Some in-progress shots:


Can't even begin to deal with the fact that I'll be heading to Miami for Art Basel in a few weeks. That's a long ride.

29 October 2013


I'm truly honored to have been featured in an interview on Madalynne-dot-com. 

The frowning black sweater lady is yours truly.

What are you going to be for Halloween? I was aiming for Steven Seagal, but my ponytail is too long to be convincing. Manservant Hecubus (r), perhaps?


23 October 2013

25 September 2013

The Mesmerist's Daughters

Inspired by a strange dream.

Next up: seahorse skeletons and a whole lot of rodents . . .

10 September 2013

Tiny Town

It appears that the time to mention this has arrived. I'll be displaying some prints at Red Hook on Fabric Row towards the end of the month. Come to the opening reception! I'm planning on baking lots of cupcakes, all of them vegan. Strange fillings will likely be present. Dates and times listed below:
The past few weeks have been eventful. Sara and Jason from 
offered me artist representation, which completely floored me. Receiving that news sent me through a spiral of emotions that I didn't know humans were capable of experiencing. I am eternally grateful/perplexed that they would consider supporting me in that sense.

I made this guy for Required Reading, Phantom Hand's latest show, at The Art Department in Fishtown:

Red Delicious, 2013. Mixed media.

SELECT Fair contacted me, and it looks like I'll be participating in their Miami event this December, at the Paradigm booth, which should be exciting. And hot. I only gained certainty regarding my ability to participate after consummating one essential task: I had to quit my job. December is insane if you work in retail, and taking the time off required for involvement in SELECT would dump a massive inconvenience on the heads of my coworkers. Sooo, I did a really crazy thing and I quit way, way in advance, so my there will be plenty of time to properly acclimate a new employee to the
 hellish, pre-holiday milieu. 

This whole thing hasn't really sunk in yet. Expect a panic-fraught delayed reaction in the near future.