04 March 2013

de Grootvader

Here's my piece for the upcoming Phantom Hand show, The Dead Cats of Civilization, entitled De Grootvader. Great, another piece about grandfathers. It was fun to work on this one. Constructing miniature faux bois floors is a really enjoyable task. I feel like I've said this on several occasions but still, it's a real good time and I would recommend doing it even if it serves no purpose whatsoever. Leaving the edges of my little guys' garments un-hemmed has proven to be a liberating and aesthetic-defining decision...on a personal level, anyway. It's not like there are tons of people looking at my work all the time, praying that I will stop hemming the sleeves of tiny men, but it's nice to feel as though I have some sort of a stylistic alignment to fall into. Also, conventional hemming methods make for bulky attire; things have to correspond with the subjects' diminutive size, otherwise everything gets thrown off. That's all I have to say about that.

Why is the title in Dutch? I don't know.

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