27 April 2012

Whistle Thirst

Haven't made a comic in a while. Spent the past few hours working on this guy:

I'm tired. And scared!

24 April 2012


I couldn't sleep so I made a tumblr containing images of my three-dimensional illustrations. I now have too many blogs. I never thought I would become the type of person who exercised reign over multiple blogs. Blog megalomania. Who am I?

19 April 2012


The Pink Corridor
character study, appeasement of faux bois fetish

18 April 2012

Maybe I have bronchitis.

“Space and space again is the infinite deity which surrounds us and which we are ourselves contained. Height, weight and depth which I must transfer into one plane to form the abstract surface of the picture, and thus protect myself from the infinity of space.”

- Max Beckman

11 April 2012

Hangman's Cricket

I was fortunate enough to meet one of my idols today: Peter Greenaway. He delivered a presentation at UPenn earlier this evening, which was incredible. I got a chance to witness some of his most recent material, and I smiled a lot. Too much smiling.

I must say that I am terrible when it comes to idol-encounters; I am painfully shy and succumb to anxiety in most social settings, let alone environments inhabited, albeit briefly, by folks of admirable stature. April encouraged me to ask him to sign my copy of Fear of Drowning By Numbers, as I had brought it along. So I did, and he was like, "Woah, where'd you find this?"

I felt like such a twat for asking him to sign it, as he had spent what felt like nine hours semi-seriously lambasting the presence of narrative qualities in contemporary cinema, and denouncing the production of any future screenplays. Screenwriters: Shame on you all. I am eager to bear witness to the technical advancements that he so articulately foretokens, but...his writing is what I admire most of all. I could restrict my perusal to the Draughtsman's Contract screenplay and maybe two other books for the rest of my life and die fairly happily.

So yeah. That was neat. Here's a bad photo of a new drawing:

10 April 2012


I am subjecting my life to the absolute pervasion of activity. I guess. In May, I will officially be a member of a curatorial collective/gallery in Fishtown called Little Berlin. I have admired the diversity of their ventures for a while, and the idea of contributing time and energy to such an establishment is very exciting. They have a zine library, which is awesome, and they also orchestrate neighborhood clean-ups. In addition to aiding the facilitation of future exhibits, I will have an entire month to coordinate my own event in the space. I have lots of ideas; I hope some of them are good.

I will also be setting up an exhibition of my illustrations at South Philly Comics, sometime in May. That should be neat. I'm afraid that the opening will transpire while I am in Korea. Oops.

I visited Baltimore with Chris. What a strange place. I enjoyed the dramatic thoroughfare inclines, the presence of monuments to certain literary deaths, and the abundance of beehives, sans insects. This, however, was the greatest thing I happened to encounter:

It's a turtle. With a snout. An honest-to-goodness aquatic Whistle Pig. God I love sea life.

The Art House Co-op is coordinating a Self Portrait Project, which is pretty cool. Participants are directed to render their likenesses, using their preferred media, on prepared 4"x4" canvases (provided by the Co-op for a small fee). I received my canvas in the mail the other day. It's been a while since I looked in a mirror. Portraiture is not my forté, for several reasons. The results of this undertaking should be interesting, in the very least. The submitted works will be displayed at the Brooklyn Art Library in August.

I can't allow myself to stop doing things. I'll be alright if I utilize every ounce of time that I have.

Oh, and I got a new tattoo. Now there's a butt crack on my arm.