27 July 2012

Clone-an O'Brien

Completely forgot about this old piece from September '09. There's something wrong with me.

16 July 2012


I am currently in the process of slathering white paint all over a garment that took 
over a year and a half to sew.

Also, attempting to build a picture frame out of crown molding in my bedroom may have been the funniest thing I've ever attempted to do.

My hands have not been very obedient lately. They have become imbued with a kind of jerky awkwardness. Of course, this sensation is nowhere close to being novel. We've been through this before. It is not especially useful. I hope I snap out of it soon, along with the sense of hopelessness that generally accompanies the aimless mutiny of my hands.

15 July 2012


“If you want to make a Carl Sagan costume from scratch, you must first create the universe.”

05 July 2012


Can't turn my air conditioner on. Blows the circuit every time, because it's really only wired for lamps. Can't do anything on my list of tasks to accomplish.

Tired of living with three other people. Too hot and tired for pronouns, even. Sorry to complain.

This is one of the most insipid things the internet has ever shown me.

01 July 2012


Life is, at the moment, turning out to be a real nail biter. Some shows that I'm involved in and not completely prepared for are speedily approaching, including the Animal Show at Pterodactyl, Laughing In the Face of... at PhilaMOCA, a Sailor Jerry tribute show at Jinxed, a yet-to-be-titled members' show at Little Berlin in August, and possibly a two-person exhibit with Jason Chen (towards the end of September) at Paradigm Gallery's new location in Queen's Village (for which I have to finish lots of things.). In addition, some fairly ambitious plans for the Little Berlin Fairgrounds* are in the process of being formulated. As a new member and a complete coward, I am hesitant to provide a lot of input regarding the matter. I basically don't know what to say about anything. My areas of expertise, which are few and far between, do not even remotely pertain to the facilitation of outdoor performance space construction or the logistics of fundraising and grants. To be sure, I am always willing to help, when my work schedule permits, but I really don't feel like I'm doing enough. I feel like a flake and a failure.

I've got some other issues to contend with, as well, on a more personal level. Not all of them are bad, though. It is more than obvious that I don't know what I'm doing, standing in the eye of all of this chaos.

*I don't think I've ever gone into the details of this subject: Little Berlin has custody of an abandoned lot near the Viking Mill in Fishtown; the organization has taken on the formidable task of transforming the space into a lovely community garden, sculpture park, and outdoor performance space. We acquired a Knight Arts Grant a few months ago, but we're required to match half of the money therein via fundraising in order to access the grant's contents. Fundraising is a bitch. There's a Kickstarter devoted to the cause. Raising money is a mystifying subject about which I know little more than what I gleaned from selling wrapping paper door-to-door as a kid, with the intent of benefitting some cause that was, and still is, a total enigma. I think multiple free personal pizzas from a chain restaurant consistently served as some sort of stimuli, but it was so long ago. So yeah. Money needs to be raised.