14 February 2013

Ear Trumpets

This show's goin' down in about a month. I'll be contributing some work along with an intimidating list of some thirty-two other artists. 

Thinking about returning to 3-D illustration for this one. There's a page torn from an old reference book in a frame on my wall; it's an etching depicting a young girl reading to her grandfather, who has his hand cupped around his ear. I think I might draw from this image, perhaps with the inclusion of a ridiculous ear trumpet. 

08 February 2013


I'm in the process of crocheting six lace duplicates of a cobbler's last that was once embedded deep in my family's history.

If all goes according to plan, I will somehow find a way to lighten and/or darken the resultant copies so that an ombre effect is imparted when they are lined up in a row. They will hopefully gradate from a brown that just about matches the wood of the ancient last to to the lightest ivory that carefully applied mists of bleach can muster.