27 December 2010

The Great White

The other day, I began working on some holiday-themed comics for my mother and father. I printed them out and stuck them rather awkwardly in my parents' stockings early Christmas morning. The process of creating comic strips is sort of nebulous territory for me. That factor was only reinforced by the addition of Photoshop befuddlement, but I had lots of fun! This one involves The Great White, which is the moniker I have given to my father's giant, cable-knit, Irish wool sweater that only emerges from his drawer once or twice during the holiday season.

In other news, the formidable pelt of snow outside has devoured my cell phone.

26 December 2010


'Pears that we are in the midst of a potential blizzard. I'm kind of looking forward to getting snowed in.

I just realized that I never posted an image of the album cover I illustrated for my frighteningly talented friend Matt Landis. He recently hosted a listening party to extol all of the hard work and dedication that went into the aforementioned undertaking. Hearing the album in its final state was quite an experience; it was evident that all of the listeners were moved, to say the least. Holy smokes, the entire process of putting an album together is such a creditably taxing operation! I am so honored that Matt even considered involving me with this endeavor.

Angela Miles (www.carpediemconstruction.com) designed the cover and all of the packaging. Peruse her work. She is brilliant!

07 December 2010

Mitten Consummation

The hand-warming monstrosities are complete! I want to crochet nine more pairs.

I had to do this . .

I have been obsessed with this motif (below) for close to fifteen years. It has become somewhat of a celebrity in the various sketchbooks I have owned, dominating the pages with its indefatigable right angles.

Ok, so my ability to render the aforementioned properties isn't all that unerring. Nevertheless, I think I am going to make an earnest attempt to breach the ramparts of sketchbook and fashion something out of my vestigial interest in this remnant of antiquity.

I'm basically thinking about constructing a quilt, using this Palindrome as its compositional bedrock, out of bits of garments that belong/ed to my youngest of kin and to the most recently deceased member of my family. I am interested in the notion that the resultant piece will only be relevant to me for an indefinite, extremely tense period of time. Cripes, what if someone dies while I am in the midst of stitching the seventh square? Perhaps I shouldn't limit the constituents of the quilt to one dichotomous set of materials; could each square contain a pair of textiles with opposing values? Nnngh. I also considered alternating between standard lines of text and boustrophedonic rows, but not only would that foul up the whole thing, it would look ridiculous. So yeah. Not such a great sketch, but it is something, I guess.

The reproachful gaze of Ben Matlock will compel me to put my nose to the grindstone.

04 December 2010

Hellions For Your Hands

A seed was planted in my head several months ago, and it is finally developing into a more or less handsome shoot; I am crocheting a simple pair of monster mittens. Thankfully, the hour of their completion is nigh, as I will be giving them to someone in light of the supersonically approaching holiday. Here is a rather crummy picture of the laughably thick rascals . . .