19 April 2013

He Who Slumbers

I made a Little Nemo doll for the awesome folks over at Locust Moon Comics, who were kind enough to place me at #8 in the Locust Moon Top 40 towards the beginning of this month. I really like their shop and how involved they are with multiple projects; it's very inspiring and being mentioned on their blog was an honor. 

This version of Nemo deviates slightly from Winsor McCay's original renderings. In addition to being entombed in a lightly-altered cigar box (painting over pyrographed text is a doozy), he has pose-able joints and - albeit mighty delicate - fingers that can be positioned accordingly. Overall, Nemo's construction was a sedate, enjoyable task.

Also, under all of those clothes, he has a lumpy little butt.

12 April 2013

Luz Azul

Two new illustrations; one for the hell of it and another (respectively) for Phantom Hand's Last Meal exhibit at Jinxed, which opens on Saturday, April 20th.

For now, splitting my time between these illustrations and my crocheted apocryphal animal skeletons feels like it makes sense.