07 December 2010

Mitten Consummation

The hand-warming monstrosities are complete! I want to crochet nine more pairs.

I had to do this . .

I have been obsessed with this motif (below) for close to fifteen years. It has become somewhat of a celebrity in the various sketchbooks I have owned, dominating the pages with its indefatigable right angles.

Ok, so my ability to render the aforementioned properties isn't all that unerring. Nevertheless, I think I am going to make an earnest attempt to breach the ramparts of sketchbook and fashion something out of my vestigial interest in this remnant of antiquity.

I'm basically thinking about constructing a quilt, using this Palindrome as its compositional bedrock, out of bits of garments that belong/ed to my youngest of kin and to the most recently deceased member of my family. I am interested in the notion that the resultant piece will only be relevant to me for an indefinite, extremely tense period of time. Cripes, what if someone dies while I am in the midst of stitching the seventh square? Perhaps I shouldn't limit the constituents of the quilt to one dichotomous set of materials; could each square contain a pair of textiles with opposing values? Nnngh. I also considered alternating between standard lines of text and boustrophedonic rows, but not only would that foul up the whole thing, it would look ridiculous. So yeah. Not such a great sketch, but it is something, I guess.

The reproachful gaze of Ben Matlock will compel me to put my nose to the grindstone.

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