30 June 2013


So this is happening. Looks pretty exciting. I might not be able to attend the opening because of work, as usual.

Many aspects of life are currently being overshadowed by my relocation to South Philly. Beyond that, those facets of this period have seemingly been engulfed by a ravenous torrent of self-loathing. Is it right to blame the humidity? I feel like I should only be allowed to blame myself, and for that I should be grateful. That assertion might not make a lot of sense...

Moving out of one home and into another takes a lot out of a person, as if I am in fact preparing to occupy another person. Which is ridiculous.

My hope is that I will be able to return to the level of productivity I was able to consistently uphold up until approximately one month ago - the forsaking of which has induced an overall feeling of absolute woe. At the moment, I'm working on this:

Ignore that thing in the background; I am currently constructing conjoined buck skulls out of stiffened, hand-crocheted lace, which will hopefully be mounted on an intricately cut plaque of sorts. 

I just need a place to do this in peace. Sorry to complain so much.

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