05 September 2012


Today would have been John Cage's 100th birthday. I tried to organize an event commemorating his Centennial at Little Berlin, but the few acts that I could draw in fell through. Oh well. We'll be screening One11 with 103, his only feature-length film, alongside what I hope to be the spoils of an amateur mycologists' potluck. Yes, I will try to make recompense for poor planning and insubstantial event-depth with mushroom pizzas. 

It would be really awesome if I could somehow plan an event in the future dedicated to avant and experimental 20th century composers. Can you imagine facilitating a performance of Steve Reich's Pendulum Music? I guess that's not hard to imagine; I've seen videos of it done in high school gymnasiums. Still. 

A general sense of impending failure is sucking on my toes. There are so many things that need to be completed, addressed, etc. I'll never be able to finish all of this stuff - specifically, the items that are to be displayed at Paradigm Gallery + Studio in a joint exhibition with Jason Chen. It doesn't help that most of the materials and subject matter involved with this work are relative
 to entropy, death, and animal remains. 

I sleep about three and a half feet away from a box of deer bones.

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