10 April 2012


I am subjecting my life to the absolute pervasion of activity. I guess. In May, I will officially be a member of a curatorial collective/gallery in Fishtown called Little Berlin. I have admired the diversity of their ventures for a while, and the idea of contributing time and energy to such an establishment is very exciting. They have a zine library, which is awesome, and they also orchestrate neighborhood clean-ups. In addition to aiding the facilitation of future exhibits, I will have an entire month to coordinate my own event in the space. I have lots of ideas; I hope some of them are good.

I will also be setting up an exhibition of my illustrations at South Philly Comics, sometime in May. That should be neat. I'm afraid that the opening will transpire while I am in Korea. Oops.

I visited Baltimore with Chris. What a strange place. I enjoyed the dramatic thoroughfare inclines, the presence of monuments to certain literary deaths, and the abundance of beehives, sans insects. This, however, was the greatest thing I happened to encounter:

It's a turtle. With a snout. An honest-to-goodness aquatic Whistle Pig. God I love sea life.

The Art House Co-op is coordinating a Self Portrait Project, which is pretty cool. Participants are directed to render their likenesses, using their preferred media, on prepared 4"x4" canvases (provided by the Co-op for a small fee). I received my canvas in the mail the other day. It's been a while since I looked in a mirror. Portraiture is not my forté, for several reasons. The results of this undertaking should be interesting, in the very least. The submitted works will be displayed at the Brooklyn Art Library in August.

I can't allow myself to stop doing things. I'll be alright if I utilize every ounce of time that I have.

Oh, and I got a new tattoo. Now there's a butt crack on my arm.

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