06 March 2012


Gotta do something with this. Soon.

It would be neat to produce some sort of mono print based on the image. Maybe I'll emboss it with some powdered deer antler velvet that I purchased from a vendor of heathenish curios. I shall have to use it for aesthetic purposes, as it has failed to make me more virile.

April and I might go to Korea. She has wanted to travel there for a very long time. Since birth, I have upheld the presentiment that I am, and will always be, bound to the Northeast region of the United States; fiscal concerns and the fear of familial deaths occurring in the midst of my hypothetical absence have rendered me incapable of processing the notion of traveling anywhere, aside from the state of Maryland. This alone suffices as a reason to go to Korea:

It costs something like $7.50 to hang out in a cat cafe. Considering the fact that I'm probably going to spend roughly two-billion hours in the said establishment, the time to start conserving money for such tremendous purposes is nigh. I'm trying to live off of as little food as possible. At present, I have a few crusty scrapings of tomato paste, one half of an ear of corn, a can of chickpeas, a huge jar of olives, more frozen leeks than I know what to do with, and a lemon to my name. Should be fine for quite a while. My fingers can almost feel the sumptuous coffee-scented fur that surely awaits them, across the sea.

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