04 February 2012


One might consider it prudent to suspect that I am being very sloooowwwwly fired from my job; for now, I'll simply state that I've had a little extra time on my hands. Which is good, because there are plenty of articles in my room that require attention, such as my outrageously-encumbered sock drawer. Also, now I have the time I need to attend to the things I've been wanting to work on, ALL AT ONCE.

The structure of this gown's bodice needs some serious reinforcement, as well as the addition of some practice shell forms, since the finished garment will be an object commemorating the evolutionary ascent of the enormous Milky Bar Snail. Minimal progress was made; weeping ensued. When I'm done sewing this thing, I'm going to bleach the hell out of it, expose it to the elements, and dip it in shellac or something.

I crocheted some antlers. I will cut my face off if I ever run out of this goddamned cotton string . . .


This could wind up being one of the components of a shadowbox. I did some kind of awful sketches on Photoshop, in an attempt to embody the idea two-dimensionally:

Maybe I'll try to do a layered linocut print sort of thing based on the second guy. Maybe.

Yeah, so...now my room is a mess.

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