18 January 2012

I need your skulls.

Here are some things.

Towards the end of this month, I'll be participating in a group show at Paradigm Gallery + Studio. The exhibit, entitled Confidence Is Not A Four Letter Word, will be comprised of works by UArts graduates. It looks like it's going to be an awesome show; I am experiencing mild consternation regarding the self-imposed denigration my cat-skull-thing might endure in the midst of such formidable talent. All participating artists have been encouraged to include a 5x7" addendum of preliminary materials/text/photos/etc. pertaining to their work. In a flagrant display of overcompensation, the skull will be accompanied by a linocut based on an old sketch (poorly photographed below), which will in turn keep the company of the following text:

This work is an emblem of personal
reinvention, begotten by the restoration of
an object's dignity.

... or something like that. I'm not sure if I approve of the somewhat bumptious nature of the text. The fact that I have used the word bumptious four times today only augments this concern.

Another concern: pinecones and fertility.

Next stop...coffee grounds on flypaper.

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