07 September 2011

Dull Day

Somehow, listening to Biff Rose and The Birthday Party worked out this evening. I actually felt like doing something, despite the increasing monotony of Felix's absence and, uh, just bein' so dang tired. This impulse manifested itself in the genesis of tiny pants:

I'm going to make a tiny suit for a strange man with extraordinarily elongated, tapered limbs. The color of the fabric is nice, but I think I might bleach it when it's done. Some sort of utilitarian accessory might be necessary, but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Also, the final step of the suit-making process might involve the application of buttons hand-carved out of this:

I found it outside of an Indian restaurant in Bridgewater, New Jersey, on the 26th of August.

I've slowly been making progress in other areas (I guess). This dress is the main component of a prospective installation . . .

It involves snails.

* * *

I'm excited to create a collaborative art/correspondence blog with my great friend Allison Foley. That should generate some semblance of motivation for me to finish things a little more quickly!

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