06 June 2011


Oh golly. An illustration that I did about a year ago was featured in the 322 Review, an online publication affiliated with Rowan University. Cool.

The image was completed during an independent study with Bob Byrd, while I was a senior at UArts. It's supposed to accompany Kafka's seventeenth Z├╝rau Aphorism (I have never been here before: my breath comes differently, the sun is outshone by a star beside it.); it was among the three aphorisms that I chose to illustrate for the course, which was devoted to just that - the production of imagery in accordance with Franz Kafka's book of parables (one of my favorite things in the universe), placing an emphasis on the emotional (as opposed to the narrative) aspects of the cryptic imagery therein.

Also, here are a few images that I worked on during the long, freaky, and vapid hours I spent at my last place of employment. I forgot that I had these...just some, uh, digitally worked-on guys from my sketchbook and stuff, including a tiny Kafka (one of an embarrassingly huge collection).

I attempted to manipulate some of my 3-D stuff on Photoshop, too. The results are very strange but I kind of like them:

It's almost 8. I'm due to spend some time with my fish skeleton and a bottle of glue.

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