28 May 2011

S; Vocation

These images are a little late, but here's what I've done so far . . .

With this square, I attempted to implement another (sort of) Palindromic feature: the temperament of its craftsmanship contradicts the nature of its symbolism (or does it?). As the "First/Last Vocation" portion of the quilt, its construction relies on a sense of nonchalance that is totally inconsistent with the manner in which I would conduct myself at a place of employment. It's hard to say if I will utilize this method in the fabrication of the other squares - how will I assemble the "First/Last Relationship" square? Under the influence of rage as opposed to soppy adoration? Or perhaps engulfed by fury that slowly and methodically subsides as I progress from the remnants of my first relationship towards the one I am currently in? {It is my belief that such a system somehow manages to loosely adhere to the confines of a Palindrome. As a project that is endowed with myriad opposing values regarding form and content, as well as the attitude instilled in its construction, progresses towards a mid-point in its completion, a fugitive moment is encountered in which the piece's very essence can be not read but perceived uniformly from all directions.}

Actually, the significance of this first square (with regards to the project as a whole) is already defunct; I'm going to start working at a new shop on Wednesday.


I discovered this deceased dragonfly near Reading Terminal Market the other day. Although he (she?) was laying prostrate on the sidewalk in the midst of substantial foot traffic, his wings are perfectly intact. I scooped him up with a defunct Rapture leaflet and brought him home.

A few days ago, the white stripes on his body were kind of a seafoam green color. I have yet to figure out exactly what kind of dragonfly he is/was. I covered him with a Plexiglass box to protect his remains from crafty, roving centipedes...

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