06 January 2011


So, I really want to start working on that quilt I was talking about, but the entire undertaking would be far too depressing, in light of, um...recent events. I opted to take a stab at another endeavor: an intricately embroidered, highwayman-esque riding coat. I started it a few hours ago. After closely examining the seams and panels of a seldom worn, short-waisted, and rather incongruously militant jacket (as far as the rest of my clothes are concerned) that I bought a few years ago, I created a pattern for my forthcoming garment.

I couldn't find the giant roll of tracing paper that I usually take liberties with when I am constructing patterns, so I had to patch bits of construction paper together with pieces of artist's tape. Boy, do these guys look professional or what...

I rediscovered my old mattress pad in the laundry room and decided to use it to fabricate the shell of the garment. It is covered in nail polish stains and rips from days of yore, it smells like a combination of dust and unwashed pajamas, and man...it is warm. I had the fabric draped over my lap while I was hand-stitching the coat and it felt as though my legs were on fire. I would not recommend wearing this coat in its state of completion, unless you have a lower-than-average body temperature (like me).

I think I'm going to sew unfinished squares of white cotton (or linen) all over the surface of the coat, which will gradate, in a pixilated manner, into beige squares towards the bottom hem. On top of the (hopefully) bedraggled outer covering, I'd like to embroider a brownstone landscape in black thread. Maybe I'll throw some birds in there, if I feel like it. Might line it with venetian red linen, as well. Just thinking about it is goading me into a placid reverie...

The best thing about all of this is that I have a glorious housemate who spontaneously brings me screwdrivers when I am confined to my chambers for hours!

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